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The Venka covers optimization and productivity amplification of workforce in core field functions including Sales, market research, Services, installations, project sites.


Recruitment Management

Recruitment (hiring) is a core function of human resource management.



Integrating a new employee or familiarizing into an organization or a new client.



Combines many HR functions, including administration, recruiting and training, review etc.


Payroll Solutions Compliance

The total amount of wages paid by a company.


Travel & Expense Management

Systems deployed by a business to process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses.


Performance Management

Managers and Employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives.


Contract Workforce Management

The contingent workforce acts as a variable work force for companies to complete specialized projects.


Flexible Staffing

Arrangement in an firm where the employees can be from contract worker, leased employees, temporary agencies.


Search & Selection

For Urgent job fillings, We search for the best candidates and select the best people to submit to the employer.


HR Outsourcing

Talent acquisition focused on the identifying, assessing candidates through proactive recruiting techniques.


Hr Transformation Advisory

Alignment and planning set the expectations for project scope, timing, resources, and outcomes.

About Us

Best Work Require complete understanding of people involved.

Who we are ?

The Venka gives employers and employees a stress-free transition to fulfilling their employment needs – taking the hard work out of your search. thevenka is a boutique recruitment organisation which offers an individual recruitment process and a personal touch that is so often neglected by larger international companies .We understand and believe that people are not just pages of resumes, and Organizations aren’t just milestones. There is more within than meets the eye .There are hopes, dreams, aspirations that needed to be respected. That’s where our expertise lie. We are thevenka.

What we do ?

The way business recruits its workforce has changed; technology, generation Y, work/life balance, the resources boom and an impending global recession all has an impact on staffing levels and employee motivation. An organisation’s culture is as important today as pay to the modern job seeker. Happiness and fulfilment at work relies on the employee fitting in and enjoying the culture of an organisation. At The Venka we focus our recruitment strategy on making the right match between employer and employee.

Happy Clients

We dont make Clients, we make Relationships.


Talk over a coffee ?

Search is finite, seeking is not. Search yields numbers, seeking helps discover people and possibilities.


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